Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Music sounds better

Life is always so much better in musicals.

We got sunlight on the sand,
We got moonlight on the sea,
We got mangoes and bananas
You can pick right off the tree,
We got volleyball and ping-pong
And a lot of dandy games!
What ain't we got?
We ain't got dames!

We get packages from home,
We get movies, we get shows,
We get speeches from our skipper
And advice from Tokyo Rose,
We get letters doused with perfume
We get dizzy from the smell!
What don't we get?
You know darn well!

We have nothin' to put on a clean white suit for
What we need is what there ain't no substitute for...

There is nothin' like a dame,
Nothin' in the world,
There is nothin' you can name
That is anythin' like a dame!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday, August 16, 2010

As of late

Promise to post something more meaningful soon.

Monday, August 9, 2010


Lord How They Hypnotize shared this with me today,

and now I must have Summer.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

God, save the Queen

My bones ache.
And when they don't, my heart bleeds.

My soul weeps and my conscience splutters.

My confidence stutters.

My skin prickles and my hair stiffens.

And I am alone.
Nothing to break the free fall.
No bandage.
No deep heat.
No pep talks.

I only have myself to save me now.

God is too busy saving the Queen.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Walk Away Renee

She said it was just a figment of speech
And I said "You mean figureAnd she said "No, figment
Because she could never imagine it happening. But it did

When we first met I played the Shy boy
When she spoke to me for the first time my nose began to bleed
She guessed the rest

The next day we went on a bus ride to the ferry
And when nobody came to collect our fares
Well I knew then this was something special
I couldn't stop thinking about her
And every time I switched on the radio
There was somebody else singing a song about the two of us

It was just like being on a fast ride at the fun fair
The sort you want to get off because its scary
And then as soon as you're off you want get straight back on again
But all love is strange
And you have to learn to take the crunchy with the smooth I suppose

She began going out with Mr. Potato Head
It was when I saw her in he car park
With his coat around her shoulders that I realized
I went home and thought about the two of them together
Until the bathwater went cold around me
I thought about her eyes and the curve of her breasts
And about the point where their bodies met

I confronted her about it
I said, "I'm the most illegible bachelor in town!"
and she said "Yeah that's why I could never understand any of those silly letters you sent me"
And then one day it happened
She cut her hair and I stopped loving her

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I just want a pair of Creepers.

Darwin 2010

i’m in outer space on my side of the bed

on a floating mattress my eyes stare ahead

you don’t sleep here anymore

hovering alarm clock is my satellite
under little specks of starlight, on a flight
you don’t sleep here anymore

i don’t know where i am

i am so lost
i’m just drifting around
since you’ve been gone
i’m just wasting time away
i’m just wasting time in space

see a little asteroid pass by underneath
there’s an empty space on your side and i can’t sleep

i pull my covers over my head
hope you know i wish i were dead
i can’t seem to get out of bed
going nowhere; everything is wrong

i don’t know where i am

i am so lost
i’m just drifting around
since you’ve been gone
i’m just wasting time away
i’m just wasting time in space