Monday, September 22, 2008

Wonderful world of ebay.

My mother has an addiction. Mum spends her spare time photographing totally hideous clothing from the back of her monstrous wardrobe, and then tries to flog it on ebay to unsuspecting brand fiends.

However yours truly had never really gotten into the ebay scene. I have an account and password sprawled on a piece of paper somewhere that is probably invalid because I haven't checked it in so long.
I do recall buying a pair of aviator sunglasses a few years ago in a desperate attempt to seem cool. That, and a horrible 'Bardot' halter-neck number that has remained in my cupboard with it's tags on to this very day.

While mum hesitantly left the computer the other day with her ebay account open I had a bit of a search and came across a few bargains that I immediately fell in love with.

My first watched item is ending at 8pm tonight and I will fight to the DEATH to purchase it!
It's a ruffled red dress with big elegant sleeves. Very jayo.

Anyway, lets all pray that the ebay Gods are on my side this evening!


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