Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Travel sickness pills.

Crappy day yesterday.
Fashion TV was screening completely horrid runway shows which left me with almost no inspiration to try out the apple diet.
There were no rice bubbles left in the pantry and even if there were mum rang in the afternoon to tell me the milk was sour.
I had blown all my money of double beef and cheese's from McDonalds which meant I couldn't go and buy more milk.
And on top of that, I made the inevitable discovery of the 'facebook' epidemic. All my friends have migrated from myspace to facebook rendering me completely communicationless (probably not a word).

So after putting up with feeling dull all day I came to the conclusion that I needed to sleep.
The only problem with that is that I'm terrible with nanna naps. If I snooze in the late afternoon, I can almost always never get to sleep that night.
So I made the hasty decision to dunce four travel sickness pills after reading carefully every warning on the packaging at least twice.
It indicated that I shouldn't take more than four pills within twenty-four hours, so I gulped down four and four only.
It also heavily implied that sleep would be the outcome of taking such medication.

And you know what, I passed out cold at 7pm and slept riiight through until 10am this morning.
And not only did I sleep like a drugged baby, but I woke up to discover that Casino Royale was on TV.

So, thank you very much travel sickness pill manufacturer.
My pill popping served me well.

Seeyou bye.



  1. haha probs not the best idea according to any doctors involved, but good on you. love the way you think. haha

    x little

  2. hey jess its james.
    to your horror, ive deleted myspace.
    dont count me any facebook warrior, but im over all these internet things.
    i will keep this blog in my favourites because the life of jess is interesting and i like to take a keen interest.

    x gleeson.