Sunday, November 30, 2008

What I will never understand.

I will never understand why some people feel compelled to suck the happiness from within you?
What honestly possesses somebody to be frivolous with insults, using verbal abuse to undermine you, everything you live and stand for?

I will never ever understand what causes some humans to just be cruel.

I never got the whole 'oh, they're probably just insecure' thing.
Sure that's fine with me, be as insecure as you fucking want to be, but why then, on top of your own shit, bring other people down with you?

Then there is that whole 'oh they probably just had a bad day and they're taking it out on you'.
Well when did that become acceptable.
I will never, ever be fine with taking shit unnecessarily from somebody just because they're feeling particularly down.
These self centred low lifes need to be taught to take responsibility.
Too many times have I allowed myself to be blamed for other people's misfortunes.

It doesn't sit right with me.
Not at all.
But the most unfortunate thing about it is that it's so common that every single day we accept it.
It's trivial.

Well, it shouldn't be.



  2. I completely and utterly 100% agree with you.
    Oh, and you write well :)

  3. well said.

    i could not agree more. insecurties should never, ever be an excuse. and i hope to never hear it again...