Sunday, November 2, 2008

I'm dye-ing!

I have decided to dye my hair chestnut brown.

The people who read my blog probably know that I am a dye job virgin and have had sandy blonde hair for my whole life so it's going to be a bit of a change.
I was going to say, 'it's going to be such a big change!' and then I realised how pathetic that is. I really hate it when people talk about trivial things and indicate it's going to CHANGE their life.

A big change is when you move schools to somewhere in the burbs after being cooped up with pretentious private school girls for four years.
A big change is going through your parents' bitter divorce.
A big change is losing a loved one to the grim reaper or a drug addiction.
A big change is catching up with a friend you haven't seen in a few months, only to discover they have developed an eating disorder.
Not indicating in any way, shape or form that I've experienced all or any of those things, I just think the world is a bit bigger than hair colour or buying a new sweater.

I'm sick of hearing about how the fifteen year old girl next to me on the train had her world flipped upside down when she found out Sportsgirl had gotten a new vintage section!!! SUCH a big change!
In saying that, I felt like perhaps getting some feedback on the dye idea.
Also, I was just watching Romeo and Juliet and my god bloggers!!
Leonardo was a huge spunk in his hay day. Not that I didn't know that, I just copped a huge refresher though.

Another spot of news is that I'm going to the races on Saturday the 8th with my boyfriend and if the dye job I carry out looks shit, I could look a mess.
I got a rad little 80's party dress from the Chapel Street Bizarre that is silver and black.
I'll make sure to post photos when I get some taken with the hair and/or the dress.

Have a superb rest-of-long-weekend all.

xo Jayo


  1. please don't do it!

  2. dont dye look nice blonde!

  3. till kingdom come.

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