Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Abbey Lee Fantasy.

I want nothing more than to get my nose pierced the exact way Abbey Lee Kershaw has hers done.
I have included an image of the Australian beauty below in case you aren't familiar with her facial ring.
My boyfriend detests the idea however a close friend seems to think that it could potentially look totally chic.


We also need to keep in mind my incredibly low pain threshold. Having someone stick a big needle in my nose isn't on the top of my 'Things To Get Done' list however, if the piercing is going to get me mildly closer to looking as rad as Abbey Lee then I should quit the whinging.


I did have my first blood test the other day where the Pathology nurse used the biggest horse needle I had ever laid eyes on. Not only that, but the demon woman took four damn viles of blood which meant changing the containers three times.
If I can sit through that, I can perhaps sit through a piercing.

Jeez. The gal is pure bliss.

Fun fact - Jayo has not one piercing.

If anyone is even reading this let me know about your piercing experiences. Will I sob if I go through with it? I can almost answer with a firm yes.
Good eve blog enthusiasts.

Jayo XX


  1. god she is so fabulous. i havent got any either but i would get my nose done if anything.

  2. J.o, as a seriously stupid youngster, i conformed to the piercing phenomenon, and it was the stupidest thing ive ever done, now as u know, i have a big hole in my lip from a silly mistake. dont wreck your pretty face...
    love pol xxx

  3. love this first pic of abbey hope you dont mind if i stick it on my blog [blondeonblack.blogspot.com]

    i love a good nose piercing, if i could id get mine done but sadly im allergic to earrings so bit risky!