Monday, December 15, 2008

Warehouse wonder.

On Saturday I braved the wind and the rain to make an appearance at the Retrostar Warehouse Sale where nothing was over ten dollars. Although each piece of clothing was burried deep within soggy cardboard boxes that were strewn all over the floor there were a few good finds.
My purchase of the day was a cute little floral number that had a ruffle around the waist.
It was quite lengthy and had rips in the sleeves so after spending the afternoon with my sewing genius Grandma it was 'Dollars and Sense' posting worthy.





Funnily enough in all these poor quality shots I am on the phone to my boyfriend arguing about fashion.

Fashion is such a personal thing and I think that dressing mildly astray from the norm can cause an uproar.

Today I went to see a movie to which I wore my new dress and my Marc Jacobs heels. I wanted to feel beautiful instead of just slapping on my leather leggings and a pair of flats.
At every turn I could feel people asking themeslves what this six foot three girl was doing so dressed up. Unfortunately, I let the unfashionable around me ruin my day. I vowed never to let it happen again. Afterall, most of the judgemental jury were women in their fifties wearing pant suits and brown moccasins.

Let me know what you think of the dress and my scribblings.
Feedback is always far and beyond appreciated.
The other day I rang my dad to tell him about a nice blogger comment. Doesn't that just scream freak.



  1. my dear, another scrumptious blog. i adore the dress! you'll have to upload some proper photos, i'd love to check it out!
    i'm sure all those moccasin wearing old nobody’s are just jealous of your fashion sense. don't let that sort thing ruin your day again sunshine!
    lots of love han.

  2. Ohh Jess you're my favourite
    I love the dress, shame I had fricking work all weekend, GAY
    But yes it is indeed beautiful :)

  3. The dress is beautiful, and so are you! :)
    Don't worry about those that try and bring you down, i'm sure you looked amazing and they were all just jealous.
    Keep smiling Jayo, you're a star.

  4. six foot three!wow jayo you should be a model.I wish their were more vintagey places where i lived but unfortunatley i seem to live in the only place in the world where it is socially acceptable to wear a tracksuit out of your house,even if you are not exercising.anyhow,keep posting jayo,you are like a little ray of high heeled sunshine in a rainy trainer world
    x x x