Friday, December 26, 2008


I feel so blessed.
My Christmas was very family orientated yesterday which resulted in me being absolutely spoilt rotten.
My grandparents purchased Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen's book titled 'Influence' and wrapped it up in nice green and red paper for me.
My mum and dad bought me the 'Holga 35mm Black Corner' camera. Every picture taken with my new camera has a special 'black corner' darkening effect around the edges. Sheer brilliance!
My darling mother also handed me a perfect silver Marc Jacobs cuff and ring. They are definately very special pieces.

My whole family also gave each other 'Oxfam' donations. It was nice to do something for people across the other side of the world for a change. I'd like to think that we helped some families out on Christmas day somewhere in another country.

I recently had some negative feedback on my blog which came almost immediately after a fight with a very close friend.

When I finish school I would love to have an enter score that allows me to study journalism, most people who know me know that.
I started this blog at a time when I wasn't attending a lot of school.
It was a tough time for me but I found that this blog gave me a great outlet to practise my writing, and it still does.
Now, negative comments are obviously hurtful. However I realised that if I am going to make it in the journalism scene I need to remember that people aren't always going to agree with me and my opinions.
But me and the people who love me think that the fact that I'm ballsy enough to put my opinions out there for other people to read shows that I have a lot more courage than any anonymous reader who is going to verbally spit on a post of mine.

I hope everyone had a magical Christmas.


  1. Just wanted to say...
    I really like your blog =)

  2. amen to that brother! and totesss, i want to study journalism too!! we may see each other at uni hehe :] xxxx