Monday, December 22, 2008

Busting with fan mail.

You know you've got blog readers when you're getting hate comments.

"wow jayo, you have once again proved how much of a hypocritical joke you are!
Since when has anyone said that public school students are 'primitive' or more lowly than private schools.
You seem to be the only person that seems to believe this. For fucks sake, NO ONE HAS ANYTHING AGAINST PUBLIC SCHOOLS.
You have this idea in your head that private schooled students have some agenda against public schools, that we believe ourself to be wealthier, superior and "far less primitive."
I can say for a fact that most of the kids I know from private schools have extremely hard working families just so they can send their kids to a private school. No we don't think we're greater than you, and one of my best mates happens to go to a public school and she is smarter AND more successful than i will ever be.
And believe it or not jayo, I know for a fact you attended a private girls school, and that although you're now at a public school, several of your so called "friends" happen to attend private schools. Get off your high horse. Try and understand people for who they are, rather than what school they go to.
And as for the xaviers, fucken good on them."

This pathetic 'anon' is clearly headed places in life. Good on you pal. It's cute that you tracked down an old blog of mine to lose your shit over. The fact that you have it in your little head that I judge people for what school they attend makes you laughable.
What a pathetic attempt to bring someone down. I bet you felt super after it. When you next feel driven to abuse my webpage be sure to leave your name instead of being spine-less.

It is simple really. If you don't like my blog, don't read it.
XX Jayo


  1. it's even more pathetic that you advertise your blog to everyone, including people who obviously attend private schools.
    In my opinion, it's really just rude and hurtful. Please keep your opinions to yourself and stop shoving them down people's throats.

  2. Jayo don't listen to that idiot Anon, they're just jealous that you actually have a life and plan on living it, instead of wasting it sending stupidly spineless and hurtful blog comments.. like seriously Anon build a bridge and get over it. Bringing other people down is not going to bring up your obviously extremely low self esteem.

    But whatever, Anon, you're not worth my time. I hope karma bites you on the arse. No doubt it will, you can't have too many friends in real life if you act like this in cyber space.

    And Jayo, i'm glad you have the strength to ward off such ridiculous comments, don't let it get to you, it's not worth it. Just hold your head up high and keep being the incredibly fantastic, creative and inspirational individual that you are, always have been, and will continue to be for the rest of your life.

    Love from the nice Anon :) xxx

  3. haha i love you jayo.

    personally i've seen more spine in a jelly fish.

    love caitlin

  4. FUCK Jayo dont listen to that crazy, sad fuckwit. seriously you're an ace writer and these private school wankers (THERE I SAID IT) dont know what theyre doing...