Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Come out of the closet Anon!!

My boyfriend just suggested it was probably mum.
Mum, if it's you leaving me perfect blog comments then stop. Say that shit over dinner.
And if it isn't my mum. THEN TELL ME WHO YOU ARE!
More hints. More hints.
The RUSSH idea was nice :) Editer in chief at Oyster? You can be my right hand human. I think you're a female but I don't want to sound sexist.

On another note, changed my header from Cory to some other bird.
If you're a fashion fiend you'll know that 'The Cobra Snake' is most likely associated with both women.
The new girl has a cool bikini on.
I am so jealous of anyone photographed by Mark Hunter, particularly Tallulah. I am naming my child Tallulah, regardless of gender. Hopefully the child grows into the name and blossoms in the same fashion Mark Hunter's favie did.
Beyond jealous people. BEYOND JEALOUS.
Go look. Go on.

I am heading off to nie nies. Sleep. Snooze time. Bed.


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