Friday, October 24, 2008

And also.

A beautiful story to share with you all.

I am at my boyfriend's house sitting at his desk typing away on his acer desktop comp.
However, my boyfriend is not at home. He is over at his best friend's house until late this evening.
Strange, I know, but his family are pretty much mine so they love it when I hover around the place.

While I am sitting here, reading about Heidi Montag and her goose of a boyfriend, in stumbles my boyfriend's mum with a big hot cup of hot chocolate and two biscuits.

I nearly burst into tears. What a gesture!

The cocoa is absolutely heart warming. I have never felt so loved.

Jayo xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

1 comment:

  1. The ease to impress you is once again at its prime. The fact that you actually take the time out of your day to inform us of this tediously minuscule and unimportant act goes to show how pathetic you really are.
    But I still reckon your fresh and have mad mole shoes.
    Just shedding some insight.
    Jokesss bub
    At it again..