Friday, October 17, 2008

If the price is right.

No, this blog isn't going to be about the terrible game show 'The price is right'. It is going to be about money and fashion, and the ties the two have formed over the years.

I was on the tram today when a perfectly proportioned goddess dressed in a calf-length charcoal pencil skirt and a ruffled crème shirt sat opposite me. Her manicured toe nails were partially concealed by the patent leather sky-high platforms that she was wearing. Her sandy blonde locks were slightly curled and sat just above her shoulders. As I pretended not to look at her longingly, she pulled a pair of diamond encrusted ipod headphones out of her huge vintage glomesh bag that was also crème and plugged them with ease into her video ipod (and yes, I'm completely aware that by this stage I sound like a creep).

As I looked down at my five dollar navy blue blazer, my second hand red shirt, mum's old flats and my dirty white shorts I wondered, does money really help to sustain a killer wardrobe?
And yes it does. BUT, that isn't to say that broke as kids like me can't have superb style.
Although every item of clothing in the above mentioned woman's wardrobe probably cost more than my tuition, I would rather a Brunswick opportunity shop to a ritzy boutique full of expensive generic clothes any day!

It is now, that I sign off.
The footnote of this post is that money is great. The more money I have then the more money I can blow on people's old clothes so it's a win win for all parties involved.

Jayo x

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