Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Romeo and Juliet.

I am the first of anyone to admit that young love has a firm grip on me.
My boyfriend and I hold hands in the library, peck in the canteen and dance in my living-room to Chris Brown.
Something that really irritates me is when people get really pissy about public displays of affection.
Now, I'm not some alpha freak who loves to watch pimple covered teens mack at the table next to me.
People who stick their tongues down their partners throats really makes my blood boil.
And explain to me why forty year old couples think it's perfection to grope one another while they're standing next to me at the local pedestrian crossing.

Anyway, people at school are always getting all up in my grill about kissing my boyfriend in front of them.
It isn't even french-naff-as-tongue kissing. We just delight in the occasional peck and/or cuddle.

And don't tell me to get a room. What makes you think that I revel in showing you and your gal pals just how much I love my boyfriend. Don't you think that I'd be in a private room if I could be? But no, I am stuck at school learning about linguistics and the history of Kung Fu cinema.

So now, lets see if I can piss everybody off just that little bit more.

I love him a lot.

Jayo xo.


  1. you are so cute, i love you. alot

    xo Seb

  2. too bad he loves my mj shirt more than he loves you . HAHAHAHAHHA