Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Xavier mucks up, then fucks up.

I am in the middle of a media honeymoon!
On the 20th of October, in the heat of muck-up week, the Xavier students went a little over board.

Now, I'm no catholicized 'Virgin Mary' princess. I don’t expect the absolute last week of school for anyone to be prim and proper. There is the promise of piss bombs, eggs and drunk and disorderly behaviour.
I do not however agree with the way the Xavier students handled their most recent farewell to high school.

A statement, that might I add was short and sweet, from the school read "...a large number of year 12 students exhibited unacceptable behaviour".

Spot on.

When did it become super rad to terrorize (the words of The Age) a main road while you're absolutely blind drunk? Keep that to Saturday nights thanks lads.

And pissing on fences in broad daylight is never great. Defy the words of tacky tee-shirts around Melbourne and please don't rock out with your cock out.

One student even rang up The Age and eloquently delivered this very touching quote - "If we were blind drunk and barely able to stand, how the fuck did we get into Kew".
Um, are you kidding. I see drunk metro's come out of 'Room' every weekend and they can still schlep themselves into McDonalds. It's an expression pal. I don't think anyone expected you to actually be deprived of all sight.

Anyway. This should prove to everyone that a private school education at one of the most prestigous boy schools in Melbourne certainly doesn't make you any less primative than someone from a public school. In fact, Xavier is the only school who has had to take such drastic action against their year 12 students so far this year.


To read an article about the festivities head HERE yeeah.



  1. i love reading your blogs, the fact you have humour and good grammar. perfect. oh and the puns! how i love a good pun. keep it up, you make me the least creepy kind of way....

  2. I love the girl in year 10October 30, 2008 at 7:28 PM

    Don't be so negative Kyle, its times like these who have to stay HIV Positive.

  3. wow jayo, you have once again proved how much of a hypocritical joke you are!
    Since when has anyone said that public school students are 'primitive' or more lowly than private schools. You seem to be the only person that seems to believe this. For fucks sake, NO ONE HAS ANYTHING AGAINST PUBLIC SCHOOLS. You have this idea in your head that private schooled students have some agenda against public schools, that we believe ourself to be wealthier, superior and "far less primitive." I can say for a fact that most of the kids I know from private schools have extremely hard working families just so they can send their kids to a private school. No we don't think we're greater than you, and one of my best mates happens to go to a public school and she is smarter AND more successful than i will ever be. And believe it or not jayo,
    I know for a fact you attended a private girls school, and that although you're now at a public school, several of your so called "friends" happen to attend private schools.
    Get off your high horse. Try and understand people for who they are, rather than what school they go to.
    And as for the xaviers, fucken good on them.