Monday, October 13, 2008

Second hand splendour.

Boyfriend took me to two bookstores on the way home from school today.
The first, was your typical Borders type store. Over-priced and smelled strongly of crisp new book covers and un-bended pages. I found a book and fell in love with it. Flipped it over and breezed through the blurb before my eyes glanced over the price tag.
Twenty dollars.
And if you've read the previous blog that is just a whole lot of cash that I just don't have.
So I put it back on the shelf and shuffled out of the shop with boyfriend close behind.

Then, a mere fifty metres down the road, we stumbled across a tiny little second hand book store.
Books were strewn all over the floor and you could barely make your way through the scattered book shelves of oddly organised paperbacks.
As we were scaling the aisles of crime novels I came across the exact book that I wanted in the pricey store for fourteen dollars less. I could not believe it.
So I whisked it up to the counter as quick as I could and paid for it with haste.

Over a quater pounder and a large half coke/half raspberry slushie, boyfriend and I flicked through the pages of horrific stories about Ed Gein and Ted Bundy. Absolute perfection!

Will keep you posted on how perfect my cheap book is.

Love Jayo.

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  1. i wanna know what the book was haha i posted on my blog!!