Sunday, October 19, 2008

T Birds. More like T Bags.

Ok yes that was lame.
However I am in the middle of watching 'Grease' and it is all so naff.

It had slipped my mind that in the fifties, smoking made you a 'rebel without a cause' and an ankle length skirt was riskayyy.
Being a cheerleader didn't make you a whore and the T-bird/Pink Lady characters with their engraved blazers and their run down cars rooled the school!

I think the best part of the movie is when Sandy (the naive Aussie) dumps Danny and picks up a new jock boyfriend. When the teeny boppers are all down at the local diner Sandy and Danny keep exchanging longing looks. He is subsequently with his mates playing 'too cool for school' (an act which is so totally see through, duhh) and she is with her simple sporty bf, lamenting over the spillage of some vanilla shake on her peach cardi.

Get these teens into some super slim acid washed cheap monday's and some baggy white tee's stat!
I need to turn 'Grease' off the TV. The only rockin' thing about this movie is seeing Johnnie is his hay day, and boppin' along to the tunes.

Love Jayo x

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  1. totally agree, that part is eeeasily the best bit in the movie!