Friday, October 10, 2008

In awe!

The Lou Doillon collection for Lee Cooper is simply delicious.
The eclectic style of this range is superb!!
And of course, Lou herself is just a shining beacon of perfect-ness (it is gradually becoming more and more evident that i'm not attending english classes).
Just look at this blue pantsuit/buttoned shorts ensemble that miss Doillon has teamed with a dishy black hat and a big ol' brooch. Could you not just kidnap her and put her in a glass case and keep that glass case in your bedroom??

That aside, the collection includes a few things that just make my mouth water!
The Dodger Bag is the most perfect clutch I have ever seen. It is mammoth and covered in the most delightful flowered pattern I have ever seen. And the Catherine sweater is promising but looks woolen. Wool itches me. Regardless, the collection is top notch. I highly recommend checking it out at -

They only stock their stuff in Collingwood though and that is the most difficult place to access via means of public transport. That, and I am absurdly lazy.

Yeah, well. Seeya.

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  1. your total perfection, xoxo be mine