Monday, October 27, 2008

Fat men.

You know what really fires me up. I was thinking about it today.
The crazy notion that all women should look like the chicks from Hugh Hefner's playboy mansion.

I mean, short of stuffing my tits full of silicon and spending hours at my exclusive home gym (that just between you and me, I don't own), without dedicating every minute of my life to dieting and exercise, there is no way I could maintain a flat stomach and colossal boobs. IT IS HORRIFICALLY UNREALISTIC.

However. The gross men who are making these generalisations are usually fat and have bigger breasts than the average female (yes mmmm man boobs get me going).
I hate that these disgusting men expect us to look fabulous every second of the day but that rule somehow surpasses them and they're allowed to be obese and obnoxious.

Double standard anyone?
I for one find it really, really irritating.

Get fucked.

Love from Jayo.
Somebody who sure doesn't look like any of the aforementioned girls.


  1. i dont remember anyone saying that you have to look like the girls of the playboy mansion.

  2. Neither do I.
    Just have the self-discipline to work out and you yourself may achieve what you believe men expect.
    It isn't that hard. We just find it attractive. A fat obnoxious man is less likely to meet a partner with that type of body than one who looks like David Beckham. It is not an expectation, it is just the highest form of physical attractiveness... to some. Sigh