Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Summer standards.

As I almost somewhat regretfully write this most recent post, I am repeating the phrase 'inner beauty counts the most' over and over in my head.
Hopefully others will be in a similar mind frame when Summer dawns on us and I dust off the bathers.
So in preparation for the big season I have been doing some casual brand research and it has dawned on me.

People don't actually expect normal human beings to look like these bikini models do they?

If you are reading this and muttering to yourself 'no shit jayo' then I am clearly behind the times and in need of a serious diet.
But honestly, take the JETS model for example.

Are people freakin' serious? Don't tell me that this is the new Summer expectation!
Another example lies within Miranda Kerr and her dishy Seafolly shoot.

It seems that toned tummies, big boobies, perfecto tans and delicious beach hair is all the rage.
But I now pose the question to you, fellow blogspot enthusiasts.

What if, you look like this...

I mean, this is a pretty recent photo of me and it's going to take atleast two or three weeks to shed a little of my extra poundage.
But honestly, will I just be socially shunned due to not looking like a supermodel?

All this aside, you will probably still see me tearing up the waves in some foul last season bikini, sporting love handles and back fat.
Embrace it Australia!

Keep me posted with any phenominal Summer slim down diets other blogging fiends! I will try anything twice.



  1. inner beauty counts the most.
    nobody expects you to look like anything, and you wont be shunned ever for your appreance.

    jess :( my dad took away my phone and internet and various other things, i've decided to live at the state library cause free internet.
    but yeh that could be my lack of contact.

    i love you and hope to see you soon lad. thanks for yesterday.

  2. ohh the headline doesnt look very profession, just giving some constructive critism on your blog.

  3. oi, your hot fuck that gay bf of yours man i can screw for hours, love you