Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Is this the girl from Gossip Girl because it's really got me confused. I mean, really.

Someone help me out here. Is this Serena Van Der Woodsen/Blake Lively (they are in fact, the same person).
Things that bother me about this image.
1) Her face is oddly white in comparison to the rest of her mildly tanned body.
2) Her hair is partially grey. Did I miss a few weeks where it became wicked to look like an eighty year old?
3) The celebratory ribbon used is brown. Who decorates their chosen wedding reception venue with pooh brown ribbon?
And I mean honestly, where do I start with the dude? He is wearing those glasses I not only hate, but they are taped together. Prom of 88' anyone? And he looks like he's jammed a pair of candy teeth in his mouth. Also he is representing a bowl cut, and it is not a wicked bowl cut like the one I sported at the prime age of five. It is a naff as can be full fringed salad bowl hair cut.
Also, his bow tie is saggy.
A confused and irritated Jayo signs off.

1 comment:

  1. i think she just has white makeup and grey hair colour like marie antoinette style but i reckon its deffo her.
    bow ties, ew

    such a good blog you have jesseo