Sunday, October 5, 2008

News of biblical preportions!

Thick-as-can-be black eye make-up, bushy decorated eye-brows, over sized round shades and perfect physiques.
Oyster magazine.
The fourth of October.

I bought packet pancakes, mini tubs of creamy vanilla ice-cream and frozen berries and whipped up a breakfast for the man in my life to celebrate six months of totally superb dating. We watched Usual Suspects and talked sparingly of our day plans.
When I had eventually been able to pry my hands from my cheeks after the shock ending to Usual Suspects we headed down to the local newsagent.
As I scaled the aisles of over priced stationary and bad comics I stumbled across the above mentioned bible. Oyster. Flipping through the pages, I was sucked into a world of delicious fashion and outrageous photography that I didn't want to leave.
And you know what happened. My perfect boyfriend stumbled over, tore the magazine out of my tight little fists and took it over to the register where he purchased it for a mere twelve dollars fifty!

The most perfect anniversary ever.

Thankyou prince charm-er-rama.


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